Fleming Knights Powerlifting Earns Title of Strongest School

Fleming Knights extramural powerlifting team overwhelms the podium and earns the title of strongest school at their first competition of the 2018-19 season.

Peterborough, ON November 30, 2018 – Following a highly successful competition at Sheridan College in Brampton on Sunday November 25, the Fleming Knights extramural powerlifting team celebrates their high success and recognition as a team and as individual lifter.

The extramural powerlifting team is only in its second year at Fleming College. Despite being a relatively new sport for Fleming, the powerlifting team has and continues to rank high in competition. Last year the team was awarded Second Strongest Team motivating the team for further their training and obtain the title of Strongest Team at this past competition.

With ten athletes representing Fleming, nine of those ten placed in the top three in their respective weight categories. Fleming was awarded male and female MVPs. Fleming’s men’s powerlifters were awarded Best Overall, Best Squat, Best Bench, and Best Deadlift. Likewise, Fleming’s women’s powerlifters were awarded Best Overall, Best Squat, and Best Deadlift. Fleming Knights women’s powerlifters dominated the women’s 63 kg category placing first, second, and third. Fleming Knights men’s powerlifters placed first in men’s 83 kg, first and second in men’s 93 kg, second and third in men’s 105 kg, and first and second in men’s 120 kg.

“We were fortunate to have a number of driven athletes return to the team from last season which inspire our team’s already determined rookies,” say Raymond D’Almeida, Fleming Knight’s powerlifting coach. “Day in and day out each of our athletes strive to further their strength and push their personal best to even further. We are very fortunate to have such a passionate team who supported each other during practice, and it really shinned during the Sheridan meet. Our team understands our goals and the dedication needed to reach their goals. We (the coaching staff) are proud of the team’s commitment to their sport and their drive for results.”

For additional details email sportsinfo@flemingcollege.ca.

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