Loggersports stats From McGill Competition – Jan. 29, 2011

Women #1

1st Place – Axe, Crosscut Saw, Log Decking, Pole Climb, Pulp Throw, Quarter Split, Single Buck, Standing Block.
2nd Place – Chain Saw, Snowshoe, Super Swede, Swede Saw
3rd Place – Underhand, Water Boil

Men #1

1st Place – Pulp Throw, Standing Block, Water Boil
2nd Place – Chain Saw, Log Decking, Pole Climb
3rd Place – Axe, Super Swede

Women #2

2nd Place – Pole Climb, Water Boil
3rd Place – Super Swede, Swede Saw

Men #2

1st Place – Quarter Split
3rd Place – Log Decking

Congratulations to all the Fleming teams on the great performance at the McGill Competition!