Alberta Fitness Test – Wednesday Dec. 14th

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development

Equivalent Fitness Test

Wednesday December 14th, 2011

3:00 pm  at the Field House

Cost: $40.00

Please Register at the Field House ASAP

Name of Appraiser: Jane Bolin
Test Site: Fleming College Frost Campus
Box 8000, Lindsay On
K9V 5E6, 1 (705) 324-9144

  Par Q,  Informed Concent and Blood Pressure will be completed at the Field House prior to Test  

      a)   Timed 2.5 km run

b)   The number of sit-ups you can achieve within one minute. (Feet held, hands at side of head, with elbows to touch knees and then lower back to touch ground.)

c)   The number of push-ups you can achieve within one minute. Instructor’s fist on ground, lowering your chest to fist.

d)   The number of consecutive chin-ups you can achieve within one minute.  (Elbows at 90o, wrists facing inward, with hands close together)

 Our minimum standards* are:

 a) 2.5 km run in 11 minutes b) 45 sit-ups c) 30 push-ups, and d) 12 chin-ups

*These are comparative standards only; please record how long/many you were able to properly complete within the specified time line.