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Fleming College Trails


Fleming College is home to a variety of natural trails at both the Sutherland and Frost Campus. The trails provide a green space for students, staff and community members to enhance physical well being, and also preserving and protecting the natural environment. These trails build a sense of community on campus, with community groups, surrounding neighbors and students. The trails promote diverse recreation and education while also providing a variety of opportunities for students, staff and community members. To date the trails has been the gathering spot for a variety of events such as varsity cross country, friendship walks and Indigenous medicine walks.


The trail surrounds the entire campus and extends to the boundaries. The trail features various hand crafted benches to rest while you’re exploring the trails. The trail itself branches of and loops around a forest which surrounds the back of the campus, with rolling hills you can see the entire campus from certain parts of the trail.


The trail system at the Frost campus is truly unique as it features part of the Trans Canada trail route. Other parts of the trail span across the land from the Frost campus and features board walks and at some sections the trail follows the Lindsay River.