Athletic Banquest Award Winners 2012/2013

athlete_of_the_year_2012_131-300x199Fleming College Athletes of the Year: Kelly Killoran (Women’s Basketball), Clay Couchman (Men’s Volleyball) & Riley Hubbard-Olesky (Cross Country)

This award is given to the athletes who demonstrate excellence both in the classroom and in athletics at Fleming College. The individuals have shown great leadership, commitment, dedication and are a positive role model both on and off the court/field.

Fleming College All-Academic: Jenna Bowler-Cooke (Women’s Volleyball)

This is for a first-year athlete that has achieved both academically and athletically while participating in varsity sports.

Fleming College All-Around Athlete – Eric O’Rourke Award (Sponsored by Ricarts): Cory Campbell (Men’s Volleyball) & Katelynn Langer (Women’s Basketball)

This award is given to those individuals that have shown great leadership, commitment, dedication, is a positive role model, and has achieved both academically and athletically.

Rachel Spearing Award – Amelia Thornhill (Women’s Rugby)

This award is given to the individual who best exhibits qualities of heart, spirit, and dedication on the rugby pitch.

Women’s Basketball
MVP: Kelly Killoran
Rookie of the Year: Megan Savoy
MDP: Alyssa Edmonds & Michelle Boyer
Coaches Award: Katelynn Langer

Men’s Basketball
MVP: Joey Pelletier
MDP (John Mulligan): Spencer Brear

Cross Country
Men’s MVP: Riley Hubbard-Olesky
Women’s MVP: Kaylee MacLellan
Men’s MIP: Mathew Walmsley
Women’s MIP: Jamie Wilton
Team Spirit Award: Vicky Hegedus & Brandon Grosset

Men’s MVP: Alex Elliot
Women’s MVP: Emily Sherwood
Team Spirit Award: Reis Brauch
Coaches Award: Emily Donelle & Allan Collier

MVP: Cameron Head

Women’s Outdoor Soccer
MVP: Michelle O’Brien
Rookie of the Year: Ashley White
Coaches Award: Mallory Minnema

Women’s Indoor Soccer
MVP: Brittany MacMillan

Men’s Outdoor Soccer
MVP: Stefan Martinez
Rookie of the Year: Amrit Masuta
Coaches Award: Dan Burns

Men’s Indoor Soccer
MVP: Oshane Hylton & Brian Hannah

Women’s Rugby
MVP: Simone Roesink
Coaches Award: Amelia Thornhill

Men’s Rugby
MVP: Danny Snodden
Coaches Award: Nick Koo

Women’s Volleyball
MVP: Claire Ball & Nicole Deyell
MIP: Jenna Bowler-Cooke
MDP: Kristy Hill
Coaches Award: Angela Hakkesteegt

Men’s Volleyball
MVP: Clay Couchman
MDP (Glenn Thompson): Josh Young
MIP: Ryan Arnott
Coaches Award: Jordan Ross