Knights Go 2-1 At Home Tournament as They Prepare for 2nd Semester Grind

By: Santiago Maynard

Fleming Knights men’s volleyball (3-7) played host to their invitational tournament this weekend, going an impressive 2-1 during the event.

Earning wins over Loyalist (1-8) and Trent (1) (0-8), before losing a hotly contested match-up against George Brown (6-4), with the winner going to the tournament finals.

Assistant coach Jordan Ross seemed optimistic about Fleming’s play, “We’re happy with our result in the tournament, we had a close game against George Brown but the main point of the tournament is getting your players ready after the Christmas break for the second half of the season.”.

As playoffs approach Fleming seems poised to receive a playoff berth, currently sitting in 7th in the OCAA East, the last playoff spot, up 0.5 games on the Centennial Colts.

“We’re hoping to make a strong push and try to get into the 5th or 6th spot. We’re going to try to work our way up the ranks as much as we can to try and get ourselves a more advantageous playoff match-up.” Ross said of his team’s expectations for 2nd semester.

Trent (2) went on to take the tournament over George Brown by a score of 3-0 (25-22, 25-18, 25-22). 


Day One:

Fleming 3-1 Loyalist

George Brown 3-0 Trent (1)

USB 3-1 Cambrian

Trent (2) 3-2 La Cite


Day Two:

Fleming 3-1 Trent (1)

George Brown 3-1 Loyalist

Trent (2) 3-0 USB

La Cite 3-0 Cambrian

Trent (1) 3-1 Loyalist

George Brown 3-1 Fleming

Trent (2) 3-0 Cambrian



Trent (2) 3-0 George Brown