Fleming Knight Sets Career Scoring Record for Stuff Blocks

Joel Howes, Fifth Year Knight breaks OCAA record for All-Time Career for Stuff Blocks.

Peterborough, ON February 21, 2020 – Joel Howes, a fifth-year Fleming Knight on the men’s volleyball team set the career record for Stuff Blocks at his final season game with a total of 270.

On February 15, while playing an away game against Centennial College, Howes was credited with the two stuff blocks he needed to break the former record of 268, which Howes tied while playing against Seneca College on February 12. This record only encompasses statistics recorded during season play and does not include playoff, crossover, or exhibition game statistics.

Prior to this season, Howes held fifth place for total career stuff blocks with 207. During the 2019-20 OCAA season, Howes had 63 stuff blocks during his season pushing him up to first place and bumping out former record-holder Darien Haynes from Georgian College who had 268 stuff blocks.

Throughout Howes’ OCAA career in volleyball, he has accumulated an impressive record for blocks during season play. In his rookie year, Joel had 37 stuff blocks while only playing in 14 matches. Since his rookie year, Howes earned 58 stuff blocks in his second year, 57 in his third year, 55 in his fourth year and now 63 in his fifth year.

“Joel has been a pleasure to coach. It has been great to see how he has grown as a player and a person. It has been a pleasure to have known him over his five years with Fleming, and an even bigger pleasure to be there as Joel overtook the number one all-time blocking leader,” says Brandon Sonnenbeg, Assistant Coach to the Fleming Knights men’s volleyball team.

“Beating the record felt astonishing, it filled me with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I currently have the most blocks ever recorded in the OCAA,” says Joel Howes.

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