Men's and Women's Hockey Rumour…

The rumours you have heard that the OCAA membership is interested in Men’s and Women’s Hockey becoming a Varsity Sport again…are true.  The Athletic Directors at St. Clair, Durham, Humber, Fanshawe and Fleming College have been working to develop a Division 1 Hockey League.  Meetings are planned for early next week to develop a Men’s Division 2 Tournament league and a Women’s Hockey League with 6 other colleges that have expressed an interest. Wouldn’t it be great! GO AUKS GO

Winter Semester Recreation

The Human Development department at Kentucky University defines recreation as “any voluntary activity that is enjoyable and fun (that) refreshes, revitalizes and improves a person’s quality of life. The Frost campus at Fleming is committed to offering multiple recreational programs and services to help students stay active, make friends, and have fun during their college experience. The winter semester programming includes: intramurals, scheduled drop-in sports, available times open to students for drop-in play, free access to the weight room, varsity, events and discounted passes to the Lindsay recreation complex. For more information on the programming throughout the winter semester, click one of the links below or drop in and see us at the field house!

Intramurals and Drop-in

Varisity Loggersports

Varsity Mens Rugby

Varsity Womens Rugby



go_auks_go_fire_logo11-300x29The sound of saws cutting through wood axes chopping and chainsaws whirling are the sounds you will hear from the other side of the fence down heavy equipment road.

Athletes practice four day per week 2 hours a day bearing all elements building of their skills, techniques and strength in hopes of tasting the sweet taste of victory in Montreal and Nova Scotia.

loggersports_wmns_group_sm11-300x217CILA (Canadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association) title is on the line. Competing are McGill University, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, University of New Brunswick, Algonquin College and Fleming who are defending the 2009 20010 Women’s Title.


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