Fleming Knights Hosts 16th Annual Cross Country Race

Peterborough, ON – Sunday September 22, 2019 marked  Fleming College’s 16th Annual Invitational Cross Country Meet. With seven participating colleges, the women raced 6 kilometers with a start time of 11 am, and the men raced 8 kilometers commencing at 12 noon.

Top five women’s finishers were:
1st – Jessica Martin, Fanshawe College at 24:17
2nd – Sammi-Jo Burch, Fanshawe College at 25:40
3rd – Laura Travaglini, Fanshawe College at 25:49
4th – Frances Emery, Fleming College at 25:53
5th – Kenzie Orborne, George Brown College at 25:58

Top five men’s finishers were:
1st – Matthew Lozano, Centennial College at 26:54
2nd – Patrick Smith, Fanshawe College at 27:30
3rd – Lucas Reid, Fanshawe College at 27:43
4th – Luke Groulx, Fanshawe College at 28:00
5th – John Berthelot, Fanshawe College at 28:33

Top women’s team was Fanshawe College in 1st place with a score of 10.

Top men’s teams were:
1st place – Fanshawe College with a score of 14 points
2nd place – Centennial College with a score of 43 points
3rd place – Fleming College and Georgian College with a score of 51 points


Looking ahead, Fleming Knights travel to London to race in the Fanshawe College Invitational Meet on Saturday October 5. 



Knights Colour Fun Run 2019


Join us on Friday September 6 to  celebrate the anniversary of Fleming College’s rainbow crosswalks while getting to know Fleming College’s beautiful campus in this fun and festive run/walk. Key locations on campus are showcased as well as our extensive trail system that winds through picturesque natural areas. Donations to the student food bank are encouraged and can be dropped off at the fun run starting location.

The run will start at the baseball diamonds near the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre.

This is a free event and all are welcome. There will be a 5 km and a 1.5 km route with pizza and prices to follow the run. There will be on site registration from 12 noon until 1 pm. The race will start at 1 pm.

To register click here.

For more information contact: sportsinfo@flemingcollege.ca

2019-20 Home Game Schedules

Fleming Knights Home Game Schedule

The Fleming Knights Varsity and Extramural Programs are excited to kick off to a start this fall. The Knights will be hosting a number of home games, tournaments, competitions as well as three Ontario Championships. See below the graphic schedule for details on the Knights upcoming home game schedule. To view the complete home and away schedule, select the sport name listed below the graphic schedule to be directed to the specific sport’s full season schedule.

Men’s Volleyball
Oct 25            vs            Seneca                      8 pm
Nov 1              vs            Centennial             8 pm
Nov 6              vs            Loyalist                    8 pm
Nov 13           vs            George Brown    8 pm
Nov 28           vs            Durham                  8 pm
Jan 25             vs            Algonquin             6 pm
Jan 26             vs            La Cité                    3 pm
Feb 1               vs            Canadore              6 pm
Feb 7               vs            Georgian               8 pm
Feb 27 – 29                 OCAA Provincials             

Women’s Volleyball
Oct 25           vs            Seneca                    6 pm
Nov 1             vs            Centennial           6 pm
Nov 6             vs            Loyalist                  6 pm
Nov 13          vs            George Brown  6 pm
Nov 28          vs            Durham                6 pm
Jan 25           vs            Algonquin            4 pm
Jan 26           vs            La Cité                   1 pm
Feb 1             vs            Canadore             4 pm
Feb 7             vs            Georgian              6 pm

Men’s Hockey
Jan 31                          Tournament         8 – 5:30 pm
Hosted at the Lindsay Recreation Complex

Women’s Hockey
Jan 17                           Tournament        8 – 5:30 pm
Hosted at the Lindsay Recreation Complex
Men’s Basketball
Oct 18           vs            Loyalist 7 pm
Nov 9             vs            Centennial         1 pm
Nov 23          vs            Georgian             1 pm
Nov 29          vs            St. Lawrence      7 pm
Jan 17           vs            George Brown   7 pm
Jan 30           vs            UTM                        7 pm
Feb 8             vs            Seneca                   1 pm
Feb 14          vs            La Cité                    7 pm
Feb 15          vs            Algonquin            3 pm
Feb 19          vs            Durham                7 pm

Men’s Soccer
Sept 7           vs            Algonquin            3 pm
Sept 11        vs            Seneca                   8 pm
Sept 21        vs            St. Lawrence      3 pm
Oct 15          vs            George Brown  8 pm
Oct 23 – 26               OCAA Provincials             

Women’s Soccer
Sept 7           vs            Algonquin            1 pm
Sept 11        vs            Seneca                   6 pm
Sept 21        vs            St. Lawrence      1 pm
Sept 26        vs            Loyalist                  7 pm
Oct 15          vs            George Brown  6 pm

Cross Country
Sept 22                         Invitational         10 – 12 pm

Nov 2                              Competition       8 – 4 pm
Hosted at the Frost Campus

Jan 18                            Tournament       9 – 5 pm

Feb 12 – 16                 OCAA Provincials

Men’s Rugby
Sept 12         vs            Loyalist                   7 pm
Sept 20         vs            St. Lawrence        7 pm
Oct 6              vs            Durham                 4 pm

Women’s Rugby Sevens
Oct 5 & 6                       Tournament       10 – 3 pm


Fleming to Host Three Provincial Championships In the Upcoming Season

PETERBOROUGH, ON – The Fleming Knights and Fleming College’s Athletics and Recreation department are excited to host three Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) provincial championships this upcoming season. The Knights will host the 2019 Men’s Soccer Provincials, 2020 curling provincials and the 2020 Men’s Volleyball Provincials. 

The 2019 Men’s Soccer Provincials will take place October 23 – 26 at the Fleming Sports Complex which Athletic Coordinator Fred Batley states is one of the best. “Fleming has one of the best soccer complex in Canada where we have hosted National and Provincial Soccer and Rugby” Fleming has previously hosted both Women’s Soccer National and Provincial tournament in 2015, and Women’s Rugby Sevens and Men’s Provincial Soccer in 2018”.

“Fleming has a rich history of hosting curling provincials and nationals at the collegiate level. Peterborough is a strong curling town and the Peterborough Curling Club is an excellent partner. We look forward to hosting the first ever mixed doubles competition for the OCAA” says Fred Batley. The 2020 Curling provincials will take place February 13 – 15 at the Peterborough Curling Club.

Fleming looks forward to finish off the schedule by hosting the Men’s Volleyball Championships for the first time in Fleming’s history. After a recent stretch of playing in the championship tournament, the Knights will now get a chance to play the best teams in the province in front of their home crowd all while hosting the Provincial Championship from February 27 – 29 at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre.

Fleming Names New Women’s Volleyball Head Coach

Peterborough, ON – The Fleming Knights are excited to announce Josh Neadow as the new head coach of the Knights Women’s Varsity Volleyball team.

Josh comes from a strong volleyball background having played for the Trent University Excalibur while also having been a past coach for the Trent Men’s Volleyball team. He has also held the head coach position for various women’s volleyball teams with the Peterborough Thunder Volleyball Club.

Along with a strong volleyball background Josh is a huge contributor to the local Peterborough community; He is currently a teach of the Police Foundations program at Fleming college as well as a trainer at Cross-Fit Kawartha and also creating the Ignite Program which is for individuals on the Autism Spectrum

“Josh is a past player at Trent University and played in the OCAA where he was an all-star, team MVP, and Athlete of the year. With his vast knowledge as an Educator, player and coach he will be an excellent addition to the coaching staff for the Fleming Knights Women’s Volleyball Program” states Fred Batley, Athletic Coordinator of Fleming Athletics.

Josh and the rest of the Fleming Knights women volleyball team look forward to preparing for the upcoming OCAA season which begins for the Knights on October 18 when they travel to Barrie to take on the Georgian Grizzlies.

Successful Start to the Season Following First Two Competitions

Fleming Knights’ Firefit team had a successful competition at the Quinte West competition on June 30 and the Port Elgin competition on July 13. A number of athletes placed in the top ten in various categories such as the men’s, women’s, and rookie categories at both competitions.

Declan Fitzpatrick was particularly successful at each competition. Fitzpatrick is a third semester Pre-Service Firefighting student who placed second overall in the rookie categories at both Quinte West, and Post Elgin competitions. His course time for Quinte West was a fast 01:44:67. At the Port Elgin competition he was able to improve his time, dropping more that 17 seconds with a finish time of 01:28:61. With this competitive course time Fitzpatrick placed ninth overall in the men’s category against 125 other male participants from various colleges, as well as full and part-time fire departments.

At the Quinte West competition two of our athletes placed in the top ten of the rookie category. Declan Fitzpatrick placed second, and Bowman Allen placed seventh. Fleming’s Firefit team’s dedication and training showed at Port Elgin with many athletes vastly improving their course times. The rookie category had three athletes placing in the top ten, with Declan Fitzpatrick in second (01:28:61), Bowman Allen is eighth (01:55:18), and John MacKinnon in ninth (01:57:53).

Fleming’s men’s team consisting of Declan Fitzpatrick, Bowman Allen, and John MacKinnon, earned eighth place amongst others teams in Quinte West with a combined time of 05:53:01. Fleming’s men’s team earned a top ten spot at Port Elgin placing eighth with a combined time of 05:21:53.

Placing in the top ten overall in the women’s category at both competitions was Emily Dickinson. Dickinson, placed seventh at Quinte West and ninth at Port Elgin. Dickinson earned course times of 03:28:61 and 03:18:14. Dickinson shaved 10 seconds off of her competition time.

Fleming had a strong success in the Relay at Quinte West with the Fleming men’s team finishing in third and the Fleming College Pre-Service Firefighters team 1 placing in fourth. The Fleming Men’s team consisted of Eric Cholasta and John MacKinnon who completed the course in a time of 01:52:69. Fleming College Pre-Service Firefighters team 1 was made up of Bowman Allen and Declan Fitzpatrick who finished with a final time of 01:53:01. The Men’s Team of Eric Cholasta, and John MacKinnon finished the Port Elgin competition placing in fourth in the men’s division with their best relay time of 01:13:40

The Flemings Knights continued their successful day in Quite West during the mixed relay, having placed third with a team of Declan Fitzpatrick and Emily Dickinson who ran a time of 02:14:39. At the Port Elgin Competition they improved their result placing second in the mixed category with a best time of 01:31:68.
Many of the Fleming Knights Firefit team have qualified for Nationals. Declan Fitzpatrick, Emily Dickinson, Bowman Allen, Beckham Georgiou, Brennan Irvine, John MacKinnon, Eric Cholasta, and Sosa Ebagug have all qualified so far for the Individual categories. In the relay category teams of Eric Cholasta & John MacKinnon, Declan Fitzpatrick & Bowman Allen and Declan Fitzpatrick & Emily Dickinson have each qualified for nationals.

The Quinte West competition saw Coach Kaylea Brunatti placing fourth, Coach Shawna Coulter placing sixth in the Women’s, while Coach Brad Johnston placed first in the Over 45 category. Kaylea Brunatti and Trevor Russell placed first in the Mixed Relay with a time of 01:55:15.

The Fleming Knights’ Firefit team looks forward to their upcoming competition in Nova Scotia where some of the team will compete in this regional meet, prior to travelling to Lambton College with the entire team competing in their next Ontario regional competition.

Varsity Golf Is Back

The Athletics and Recreation Department and the Fleming Knights are excited to welcome back the varsity golf program for 2019-20. Teeing off this fall will be an exciting year for the Fleming Knights varsity program and we are still looking for golfers (male & females).

Back joining the Knights coaching staff are head coach- Kevin Carter and assistant coach Derek Miller.

The team meeting for varsity golf will tee it up September 4. The team will practice out of the scenic Quarry Golf Course, invitational tournaments at Lakehead -Orillia and Georgian College, Provincials at St. Lawrence College, as well as possible Nationals in Quebec.

For more information on Fleming’s Golf program contact sportsinfo@flemingcollege.ca

Fleming Knights 2018-19 Athletic Award Recipients

The Knights celebrates its student-athletes, honouring academic and sport success.

The 48th Annual Fleming Knights Athletic Banquet took place on Thursday, March 28th. On this evening, the Fleming Knights honoured its student-athletes. Below are this year’s Fleming Knights award recipients.

Male and Female Athlete of the Year Awards

Paige Droog and Wyatt Brochert were awarded this year’s Male and Female Athlete of the Year Awards.

Paige Droog is in the massage therapy program and is a member of the women’s curling team. Droog skipped for the Fleming Knights and let the team to the national championship bonspiel two years in a row. There Droog was named an OCAA First-Team All-Star and MVP of the Fleming team. She also won the CCAA Exemplary Leadership Award.

Paige Droog, who skipped the Fleming Knights to the national championship bonspiel two years in a row. Droog, who is in the massage therapy program, was named an OCAA First-Team All-Star and MVP of the Fleming team. She won the CCAA Exemplary Leadership Award.

Droog is a very coachable, dedicated and committed student-athlete who is a tremendous leader on the team.

Wyatt Brochert is in the urban forestry technician program and is the men’s loggersports A-team captain. Brochert has been a part of the loggersports team for three years. His tremendous success in his third year was demonstrated through not only his nomination as this year’s loggersports men’s MVP, but also through setting the CILA record for pole climb to 2.96 seconds. In doing so, this earned  Brochert the 2018-19 CILA MVP honours.


Wyatt Brochert is in the urban forestry technician program and the men’s loggersports A-team captain. Brochert, from Long Sault, Ontario, has been a part of the Loggersports team for three years, where he has had tremendous success in his third year with the team recording the fastest pole climb (2.96 seconds) in CILA history earning 2018-19 CILA MVP honours. He is also this year’s Loggersports men’s MVP

Brochert is a very dedicated and committed student-athlete who is a tremendous leader on the team. He is well-respected by his coaches and teammates alike.

First Year All-Academic Knight Awards

The First Year All-Academic Knight Award was awarded to Matthew Houlzet and Meghan Kaplan. Both of which were able to balance academics and athletics as a student-athlete.

Matthew Houlzet is a first year member of the men’s cross-country running team from Alexandria, Ontario. Houlzet is in the occupational physiotherapy program and was able to maintain a 3.9 GPA and is an OCAA All-Academic.

Meghan Kaplan is a first year member on the women’s loggersports A-team from Barrie, Ontario. Kaplan is in the urban forestry program and has maintained a 4.0 GPA while earning CILA All-Academic honours.

Male and Female Athlete of the Year Awards

The All-Around Athlete Award in memory of Eric O’Rourke went to Bentley Fawcett and Brooke Cornel.

Bentley Fawcett is in the ecosystems management program, had a 3.5 GPA and is a second-year athlete on the men’s hockey team. Fawcett, who is from Jasper, Alberta, is role model, hard worker with a positive attitude and is a great asset to the team. Fawcett has shown an above-standard commitment to the hockey program, his studies and the Frost athletic and recreation program.

Brooke Cornel is a second year athlete on the women’s soccer team as well as a member of the women’s basketball team. Cornell is in the practical nursing program and has maintained a 3.0 GPA. Cornell, who is from Oxford Mills, Ontario, while being a multi-sport student-athlete has become a role model, known for her hard work, positive attitude and skill in both sports.

Racheal Spearing Memorial Award

The Rachael Spearing Memorial Award went to Kasey Hislop. This award is presented to a student-athlete who exhibits the qualities of heart, spirit, and dedication on the rugby pitch.

Kasey Hislop is a third-year member of the women’s rugby sevens team from Campbellford. She is in the massage therapy program and had a tremendous year earning OCAA rugby seven’s league all-star honours.

Kris Starr Memorial Award

The Kris Starr Memorial Award winners are Cole Kiselchuk and Cole Miller. This award is presented to a student-athlete who exhibits the qualities of heart, spirit, and dedication on the loggersports team.

Cole Kiselchuk is a second year member of the men’s loggersports team from Barrie. He is in the fish and wildlife technician program.

Cole Miller, a second-year member of the men’s loggersports team from Grimsby in the forestry technician program.

CCAA Award Recipients:

Women’s Curling Fair Play Award: Paige Droog

Curling Exemplary Leadership Award: Paige Droog


2018 – 2019 OCAA All-Stars:

Nikita Campbell, Women’s Curling, Vice – First-Team All-Star

Nicole McClennan, Women’s Curling, Second – First-Team All-Star

Paige Droog, Women’s Curling, Skip – First-Team All-Star

Mason Flesch, Men’s Rugby

Bradan Vanston, Men’s Ruby

Kasey Hislop, Women’s Rugby Sevens

Cassandra Starke, Women’s Rugby Sevens

OCAA Coaches of the Year: Steve Whitehill, Women’s Curling


Below is a list of the Fleming Knights Athletic Award winners:



MVP Men’s: Daniel Vandenbrand.

MVP Women’s: Paige Droog.

Coaches Award: Lucas McLenna (men), Nicole McLennan (women), Gregory Koebel (mixed).


Cross Country Running

MVP Women’s: Destiny Robitaille-McInnes.

MVP Men’s: William Luis Curry.

Coaches Award: Nicolas Wentzell.


Women’s Volleyball

MVP: Sara Grosse.

MDP: Jessica Daze.

Coaches Award: Sydney Bennett.


Men’s Volleyball

MVP: Spencer Bieri, Joel Howes.

MDP: Dion Pearson-Laviolette.

Coaches Award: Jacob Schuller.



MVP Men’s: Wyatt Brochert.

MVP Woman’s: Elisha Jones.

Coaches Award: Nadine Perron, Elisha Jones.


Men’s Basketball

MVP: Romello Taylor.

MDP: Santiago Maynard.

Rookie of the Year: Jeremiah Williams.


Women’s Rugby Sevens

MVP: Cassandra Stark.

Rookie of the Year: Sarah Ghey.

Most improved: Alyssa Over.


Men’s Rugby

MVP: Mason Flesch.

Rookie of the year: Marshall Huizinga.

Coaches Award: Wallace Dos Santos.


Women’s Soccer

MVP: Brooke Cornel.

Coaches Award: Jessica Clements.

Rookie of the Year: Jenna Wetherill.


Men’s Soccer

MVP: Shemar Dears, Rory Morley.

Rookie of the Year: Kobe Vieira.

Coaches Award: Austin Humphries.



MVP Men’s: Kyle Graham.

 MVP Women’s: Megan Woodman.

Coaches Award: Matthew Marche.

Most Dedicated Lifter: Alexander Kenney.


Men’s Cricket

MVP: Pushpinder Singh.

Coaches Award: Jatin Yarra.

Most Dependable Player: Saicharan Guturu.



MVP: Kaylea Brunatti.

Coaches Award: Kendal Freshwater.


Women’s Basketball

MVP: Brooke Cornel.

Coaches Award: Klaryssa Hawkins.


Women’s Hockey

MVP: Peyton Beare, Madison Cole.

Coaches Award: Claire Shaughnessy, Breanna Foote.


Men’s Hockey

MVP: Ryley Bonk.

Coaches Award: Cameron Morris.


Men’s Baseball

MVP: Braden Little.

Coaches Award: Nicholas Collings.



2018-2019 OCAA, CCAA, CILA, OCR – All Academic Award Winners


Leslie Campbell                 Curling

Amber Luloff                      Curling

Drew Vereyken                Curling

Matthew Houlzet             Cross Country

Cole Miller                          Cross Country

Reilly Higgins                      Men’s Rugby

Graydon Meeks                Men’s Rugby

Patrick Santos                    Men’s Rugby

Jesse Wilson                       Men’s Rugby

Hedy Cartmill                     Women’s Rugby

Sarah Ghey                         Women’s Rugby

Khang Huynh                     Men’s Soccer

Victoria Hill                          Women’s Soccer

Eveliina Jara                        Women’s Soccer

Sophie Reynolds               Women’s Soccer

Spencer Bieri                      Men’s Volleyball

Harshit Baveja                   Cricket

Michael Barrett                 Baseball

Natalie Hubbs                    Women’s Basketball

Peter Rideout                    Powerlifting

Megan Woodman            Powerlifting

Cameron Epp                     Loggersports

William Greaves               Loggersports

Sheeba Hasan                    Loggersports

Naomi Jones                      Loggersports

Elisha Jones                        Loggersports

Meghan Kaplan                 Loggersports

Cole Kiselchuk                   Loggersports

Nadine Perron                   Loggersports

Sam Rider                            Loggersports

Laney Frost                         Women’s Hockey

Morgan Flintoff                 Women’s Hockey

Riley Lepp                           Men’s Hockey

Tom Scheer                        Men’s Hockey

Adam Deachman              Men’s Hockey

Knights Go 2-1 At Home Tournament as They Prepare for 2nd Semester Grind

By: Santiago Maynard

Fleming Knights men’s volleyball (3-7) played host to their invitational tournament this weekend, going an impressive 2-1 during the event.

Earning wins over Loyalist (1-8) and Trent (1) (0-8), before losing a hotly contested match-up against George Brown (6-4), with the winner going to the tournament finals.

Assistant coach Jordan Ross seemed optimistic about Fleming’s play, “We’re happy with our result in the tournament, we had a close game against George Brown but the main point of the tournament is getting your players ready after the Christmas break for the second half of the season.”.

As playoffs approach Fleming seems poised to receive a playoff berth, currently sitting in 7th in the OCAA East, the last playoff spot, up 0.5 games on the Centennial Colts.

“We’re hoping to make a strong push and try to get into the 5th or 6th spot. We’re going to try to work our way up the ranks as much as we can to try and get ourselves a more advantageous playoff match-up.” Ross said of his team’s expectations for 2nd semester.

Trent (2) went on to take the tournament over George Brown by a score of 3-0 (25-22, 25-18, 25-22). 


Day One:

Fleming 3-1 Loyalist

George Brown 3-0 Trent (1)

USB 3-1 Cambrian

Trent (2) 3-2 La Cite


Day Two:

Fleming 3-1 Trent (1)

George Brown 3-1 Loyalist

Trent (2) 3-0 USB

La Cite 3-0 Cambrian

Trent (1) 3-1 Loyalist

George Brown 3-1 Fleming

Trent (2) 3-0 Cambrian



Trent (2) 3-0 George Brown

Fleming Knights Basketball Program to Host Youth 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Fleming Knights men’s basketball to host the 2019 Knights Winter Classic, a fundraiser for the varsity basketball program, being held at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre.

Peterborough, ON December 7, 2018 – Geared towards youth aged 8 through 19 years of age, the 2019 Knights Winter Classic basketball tournament will run on January 12 starting with 9 am sign-in at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre. This tournament is open for both male and female youth and teens.

This tournament will have a recreational and a competitive division separated into age categories and run by the Fleming Knights men’s basketball team and coaching staff.

The recreational division will be divided into youth ages 8 – 9, 10 – 12, teens aged 13 – 15 and 16 – 19.

The competitive division will be divided into ages 13 – 15 and 16 – 19.

To register for the 2019 Knights Winter Classic visit the front desk at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre, or online at http://flemingknights.ca/knights-winter-classic/.

The tournament will also include a 3 point competition, skills competition, raffle for Fleming Knights merchandise, and prizes for winning teams in each division.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Fleming Knight players to offer something to the families who attend their games. Offering a fun and enjoyable tournament for youth and teens, and bridging our team with the community is a win-win situation,” says Josh Williams, Fleming Knights Basketball Coach. “Participants in our tournaments could potentially become future Fleming Knights or spectators in our home games. We want to build these relations with the community and this is a great way for our team and the basketball program to do so.”