November’s Athlete of the Month – Ethan Johnston

Fleming Athletics is pleased to announce your November Athletes of the Month, in partnership with the Fleming Campus Store. Every month, Fleming Athletics will recognize 2 athletes based on criteria that could include game performance, team performance, academic recognition, campus, and community engagement to share with our Fleming community. November’s Athlete of the Month is Ethan Johnston

November Athlete of the Month: Ethan Johnston

Sport: Loggersports

Program: Forestry Technician

Ethan is a 2nd-year athlete competing out of Fleming’s School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENRS). At the 38th Annual Fleming College Loggersports Competition, Ethan was a dominant member of Fleming Men’s 1 Loggersports team, who took 1st Overall in their home tournament. In addition to a team win in the Log Decking event, Ethan also took home a 1st in the Standing Block Chop. Following up at Dalhousie, Ethan grabbed a 2nd place finish in the Underhand Chop and was a key feature in the team events, which saw Fleming take home 2nd Overall. Congratulations Ethan!