McGill Loggersports Tournament

For the last weekend of January in 2011, the Fleming Loggersports team traveled to the MacDonald campus of McGill University for their third tournament of the season.  The team walked around the site, proudly wearing green and white jerseys, and constantly cheered on teammates as well as athletes from other teams. Most teams tried to complete team events (pulp throw, decking, crosscut and bow saw) before lunch, leaving an afternoon free for singles and doubles events. Bonnie Ward and Liza McGee were the last to compete before lunch with their standing block chop for the SSFC Women’s B team. All four Fleming teams were able to complete their events with time to spare giving them extra time to get ready for dinner and the awards ceremony. The Men’s A team came in third overall with first place finishes in Pulp toss, Water boil, and Standing block chop followed by second places in Chainsaw, Pole climb and Log decking. The Men’s B team finished in sixth place, coming first in Quarter Split, and third in Log decking. On the women’s side, the Fleming B team finished fifth overall, placing extremely close seconds in Pole climb and Water boil. The Fleming women’s A team won their first tournament of the year with a 300 point difference between them and the second place team, NSAC Women’s A. The ladies went home with eight first place wins in Axe throw, Crosscut, Log decking, Pole climb, Pulp toss, Quarter split, Single buck and Standing block chop; Four second place finishes in the Snowshoe race, Super swede, Swede saw, and Chainsaw; and two third place finishes in Underhand chop and Water boil, meaning all events were finishes in the top three spots. In total, the Fleming team came first in 12 events, bringing a total of 42 medals and a Women’s Overall trophy home to Lindsay. The team accredits most of their success to being the teams with the most spirit and pride in CILA. Fleming Loggersports has a well-known reputation for great sportsmanship and amazing support of people within the team as well as other teams on CILA. Fleming returned home for a short two weeks of intense practice before they head to Nova Scotia for their final tournament of the 2010-2011 season.  this year with a 300 point difference between them and the second place team, NSAC Women’s A.


By: Melissa Deciantis – Loggersports Women’s A Team Member