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Loggersports stats From McGill Competition – Jan. 29, 2011

Women #1 1st Place – Axe, Crosscut Saw, Log Decking, Pole Climb, Pulp Throw, Quarter Split, Single Buck, Standing Block. 2nd Place – Chain Saw, Snowshoe, Super Swede, Swede Saw 3rd Place – Underhand, Water Boil Men #1 1st Place – Pulp Throw, Standing Block, Water Boil 2nd Place – Chain Saw, Log Decking, Pole …

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The sound of saws cutting through wood axes chopping and chainsaws whirling are the sounds you will hear from the other side of the fence down heavy equipment road. Athletes practice four day per week 2 hours a day bearing all elements building of their skills, techniques and strength in hopes of tasting the sweet …

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