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rob_mcaulay Name: Rob McAulay
Title: Director of Fleming College Athletics & Recreation
E-mail: rob.mcaulay@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-742-0050 x2204
greg_jefford Name: Greg Jefford
Title: Manager of Athletics & Recreation
E-mail: greg.jefford@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-749-5530 x 1641

Sutherland Campus – Peterborough


fred_batley Name: Fred Batley
Title: Athletic Coordinator
E-mail: Fred.Batley@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-742-1590
jane_bolin Name: Jane Bolin
Title: Campus Recreation Coordinator
E-mail: Jane.Bolin@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-742-2380
lynda_humphries Name: Lynda Humphries
Title: Athletic and Recreation Assistant (on leave)
E-mail: lynda.humphries@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-749-5552
cory_campbell Name: Cory Campbell
Title: Athletics & Recreation Assistant
E-mail: cory.campbell@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-749-5552
jess_verwey Name: Jess Verwey
Title: Athletic & Recreation Assistant
E-mail: jessica.verwey@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-749-5552
jennifer_bell Name: Jennifer Bell
Title: Fitness & Lifestyle Coordinator
E-mail: jbell@peterborough.ca
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext 2207
jennifer_lambert Name: Jennifer Lambert
Title: Marketing & Promotions Coordinator
E-mail: jlambert@peterborough.ca
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext 2212
jonathan_taylor Name: Jonathan Taylor
Title: Sports Information and Special Events Coordinator
E-mail: jonathan.taylor@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-749-5552
ray_dalmeida Name: Ray D’Almeida
Title: Athletic Therapist / Strength & Conditioning
E-mail: raymond.dalmeida@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-749-5552
leah_toffelmire Name: Leah Toffelmire
Title: Athletic Therapist
E-mail: l.toffelmire@hotmail.com
Phone: 705-749-5552
leah_toffelmire Name: Shawn Winters
Title: Athletic Therapy Support Staff
Phone: 705-749-5552

Frost Campus – Lindsay


michlynne_short Name: Michlynne Short
Title: Campus Recreation Coordinator 
E-mail: Michlynne.Short@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-324-9144 ext. 3454
cory_campbell Name: Cheryl Katcher
Title: Athletics & Recreation Assistant
E-mail: cheryl.katcher@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 705-324-9144 ex. 3454